Skies 'a blue

I began thinking again about color in our day to day world. And then I looked out the window and saw a blue sky. There is SO MUCH sky in our world. I began to wonder if that effect our perception of all other objects in our world. The fact that blue and green (sky and nature) are EVERYWHERE every other colored object can either harmonize or contrast with this large palette. So what if objects that contrast have a certain meaning to us simply because of the natural color contrast that is happening around us?  Just thought it was an interesting question to ask myself. 


So, today i witnessed a perfect example of partitive mixing. There was an add on the subway and what it was is an image (of a person) created with a bunch of different little photos. Inside each photo there is obviously more than one color, but when you stand back and look at it the colors just mix optically to create a stunning image. I wish I would have had my camera so as to take a photo of it! Darn:( 


It seems hat until having taken this class i have not truly observed how much color can not only affect an artist's work but more importantly  humans perspective of something. Humans attribute feelings, emotions and memories to colors. Which means that different colors can have different effects on each individual. But also there are certain general color theories that effect all humans.
Contrast of Hue! I always felt that what made this photo interesting was how colorful it was and how many different colors are in the image. This was taken at a market in China.
Definitely a contrast of value. One light is shining to symbolize that the right side of the brain is turned on. (The artist). The contrast of value is used here to create symbolism.

I see some slight complimentary colors going on here, with the green from the shore (trees and grass) and the red in her shirt. Note: The shirt is not a pure red, and the green seems to be washed out and not as saturated.

Look Back

Having created work with my new color knowledge has made me want to look back at my old work and see if i can spot and color harmonies that we're created subconsciously. SO my next few posts will be simply images with a description of what subconscious color theory has been used.